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Point-form update because I feel like butts, as a_hollow_year so eloquently put it.

1.) Visit with family was lovely. Went shopping, saw Dark Knight with brother, had my hair played with, ate cake, got hugs. A+.

2.) Came back three hours late on the bus because the first one was full, carrying a whole crapload of stuff I didn't have when I went (a suitcase full of moving-out supplies I forgot to bring when I moved out, a shirt from Omi, a funky earring-holder thingie from Mom, a bottle of peppermint schnapps, a journal-thingie and a notepad Mom bought me, and uh, I'm sure I'm missing stuff I'm so spoiled omg). Totally got a taxi when I arrived in Vancouver because all told the stuff I was carrying weighed a good eighty pounds and I didn't relish the thought of climbing all the stairs to the Skytrain with it.

3.) Living room was destroyed by the Evil Raccoon-tachi when I got home, rawr.

4.) Woke up this morning to random dead earthworms in my sock. Socks were not outside. Room is not that much of a mess. It's a mystery. A very gross, cold, slimy, unexpected and way too fucking early in the morning Mystery.

5.) Caught up on the Fullmetal Alchemist manga at work. Have already squeed my head off about it to aiffe, but in summary: AWESOMEGRAVY, and Greedling, Kimbley, and Ed all need to come within molesting range stat.

6.) I finally figured out what the disgusting smell that always hangs around the streets near where I work is: there's a brewery across Burrard St. It smells like cornflakes, apple juice, and pee, and I hate it.

7.) My uterus, with its usual genius timing, just went into bleeding seizures because I have dates with friends this weekend. No points. :|

8.) It's raining.

Have to go home now. I hope you guys are having a marginally less miserable day. ♥
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but you yourself are nothing so divine

Am at home in Osoyoos now, visiting the family.

Recap of the last couple of days:

1.) Thursday: after work, I went to dinner with my Japanese class at Happa Izakaya on Robson. We got a special private room upstairs, woo. Hayashi-sensei paid for a... many-course meal, so I got to try a bunch of new things (raw beef in red sesame sauce is surprisingly delicious). At around eleven, I got up to leave and realized that I'd accidentally brought a few locker keys from work with me.


The buses from downtown to Kitsilano only run every half hour that late at night. I was supposed to be at the bus station by midnight to catch my Greyhound home. I hate math, but even I could tell I'd be cutting it really close.

I ran back across the bridge (and met attractive-tall-law-student's gorgeous Japanese girlfriend on it, *sob*), dropped the keys off, came back downtown, took the Skytrain to Main, ran the rest of the way to the Station, and got there with maybe ten minutes to spare before my bus left.

Anyway, I made it, and got bumped off to a less-packed overflow bus (which had a buggered gearbox which ground for ten seconds every time the driver shifted gears so I couldn't sleep, ugh).

2.) Friday: Bus arrived in Penticton at twenty after six. Mom was there to pick me up, but had locked herself out of the van lololol so we had to wait for a towtruck to come at seven. She was late for work. I went to bed, then bummed around for the rest of the day when I got up. My brother hacked into my computer with his PS3 and we played the Avatar finale on Mom's new giant flatscreen TV. *flail*

3.) Today: Emily's birthday party is in an hour or so, so I'll be heading down to the beach and there will be cake yay. :D

I'm so relaaaaaaxed. Osoyoos is quiet and warm and smells nice. I don't want to go back to Vancouver.
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"How about 'the king of the guys who... didn't win?'

My four days off were blissful. I went out to dinner with my roommates and discussed filthy topics to the server's great interest, chilled out on the beach with them for a while, got blisters walking home in my sexy new wedge heels of doom, and then played Final Fantasy VIII again for pretty much the rest of the weekend (when I wasn't watching the Avatar finale and FLAILING MY FOOL HEAD OFF OMG IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AHGDKJSFAKL).

I forgot how much I love that game. VII and IX may be 'better' technically, but I never cared nearly as much about their characters and stories and worlds as I do VIII's. Whenever my muses decide to come back from their extended hiatus, I'm so going to write fic (Martine/Quistis, Irvine/Quistis, and Ultemicia/Seifer are pinging me hardest right now, as well as fic about the memory loss effect from using guardian forces... holy crap the potential there is staggering).

Before that, however, meme.

One true pairing ship:
Canon ship:
If this happens, I'll stab my eyes out with a spork ship:
You are one sick bastard ship:
I dabble a little ship:
It's like a car crash ship:
Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet ship:
Makes no canon sense but why the hell not ship:
Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it ship:
When all is said and done... ship:

Pick a fandom and go. You all know I have like 4718938201 fandoms so here's my AnimeList and here's my MangaList. I might not remember everything from all of those though so I reserve the right to wimp out. ^____^
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Hey, where do you guys buy your individual mp3s online? I either share with friends or buy the physical CD, so I... really have no idea what the good sites are.

My little sister got an mp3 player for her birthday and needs to know.

Any recommendations? ♥