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hide and seek in ancient forests

not all those who wander are lost

17 May 1986

Andi here!

I'm twenty-six, a girl, a friendly liberal atheist asexual hermit, and I live by the sea. I work as an editor and a mini-storage manager. I can play several instruments, but haven't for years because the walls in my apartment complex are thin. Instead I sing in the stairwells at work after hours.

I love trees and dreams and surrealism and all other beautiful things.

Fandomwise, I rarely stay in one place for very long, but write a lot of genfic and weird pairings while I'm there. I also write original fiction and have been published once.

Other places:

eiasraintales - my fic comm. I'm the process of upping all my fanfic there, but what can't be found there can be found at either of my two Fanfiction.net accounts, Empatheia (for one-shots, my one chaptered fic, and some of my longer ficlets) and Kuroeia (for other ficlets, and one-shots I'm not as fond of).

Tumblr 1 - for non-fandom stuff, mostly pretty art and photography and some political stuff.

Tumblr 2 - for all my fandom blathering.